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towing services in Calgary

Professional  and skilled as we may be, there are still things you can do to help a  professional calgary towing.  Take note of these do’s and don’ts to get the  best of the situation.
Pull  Over
If you  only have flat tires, then pull over on a shoulder along the road.  This will keep the road clear for other  motorists while you wait for help.  An  overheated engine should also be dealt with in the same manner, except you need  to turn off the engine.
Turn The  Engine Off And Get Out
If you  are stuck in a ditch and the engine is still running, turn it off.  There may be unseen damage to fuel or oil  lines, so it is best to cut power to the engine.  Also, get out of the vehicle and find some  shade.  Staying in the car is not  advisable, because it might slip further or roll over, trapping you  within. 
Check  For Kinds Of Damage
We  understand that you would not call a towing Surprise without good reason, but it would certainly help  if you could tell us the damage.  Take  note of impact areas, oil or fuel leaks, and radiator damage.  These require special tools to make the car  safe for towing or use, so it would help to know so we can bring only what is  needed.
Know  Your Car’s Weight
Make  sure you know the weight of your vehicle on a full fuel tank.  If you are carrying anything of significant  weight in the car, add that to your weight estimate.  We provide towing Surprise for many people, so having this  information can help us assign the right tow vehicle.
No  Riding In Vehicles Being Towed
In  keeping with maintaining safety excellence and making our mark as a Surprise towing, we will  not allow you to ride inside a vehicle that is being towed.  It is not very dangerous so to speak, but it  is uncomfortable at all.

City Towing Services
35 Harvest Oak Gate Northeast
Calgary Alberta T3K 4G8
(403) 717-0740

top towing Services in calgary

Urban Towing ltd
80 Douglasview Rise Southeast
Calgary alberta T2Z 2P5
(403) 470-1285

Urban Towing ltd Is by far our most common and most requested service. From flat
tires, lock outs, jump starts, to accident towing we have done and seen it all. Our
experienced and caring drivers work tirelessly and as efficient as possible whether we are cleaning up an accident scene or helping get your keys out of
your car. And when the worst happens, and it matters the most, you want
professionals to be there on your side!
Medium Duty Calgary Towing.
Larger trucks and suv's require more skill and  more power to tow correctly.
Our trucks and Wreckmaster certified drivers can handle anything from a Hummer to larger service
vehicles. We have the equipment available to tow almost anything from box trucks to
delivery vehicles as safely and as quickly as possible.
Heavy Duty Services.
We do not tow heavy duty vehicles, but we are able to handle most service calls including locks outs, jump starts, and most other service calls.
Automotive Services
We pride ourselves in offering dealer quality repairs on any make and model
vehicle. We offer great prices and have a great work ethic as well. We also
specialize in diesel repairs.
Junk Cars.
Have an old jalopy? Landlord or the city getting mad? Or just want it gone? Give us a call and it will be gone! Sometimes at no charge to you!
Accident Towing.
It happens to us all, and it's never a good thing. However, next time instead of
using any old towing company, or letting the police dictate which company you use, call us. We have a caring staff that understands
the stresses of motor vehicle accidents and how hard they can be. Let us assist you in your time
of need. Next time the worst happens, request only the best, All Hours Towing.
Need a car impounded? Call us today and we can assist you in recovery and
impoundment of the vehicle. We have large lots and tight security so the impounded
car stays safe. Call us Today!
We have staff ready for your
call day and night so feel free to call us at any time!
Our company has grown because of you! Thanks to all of our All Hours Towing
customers, we are able to continue working hard for you. We want you to feel free
to call us personally for any questions, concerns, comments, quotes or assistance. We're here to
answer your questions. And thank you for choosing All Hours Towing! We hope to
hear from you soon